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Reflects data for Property record cards with transfers or value changes will be updated once per month.

Assessor's Office

If you don't see your changes, check again in a few weeks. During statewide reassessments, county and township assessors physically inspect each property to ensure that records are correct. Inspection accomplishes the gathering of data to value the property.

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For example, does the property still have a free-standing garage and an in-ground pool? Is the building on this property still 1, square feet or has it increased or decreased in size?

By confirming this information, assessors can ensure properties are properly valued. The maps below will show when you can expect our staff to be in your area.

Payment of Real Estate Taxes

Statewide Cyclical Reassessment Fact Sheet. Click here to search a statewide database for sales data.

Prepares annual report of exempt values. Prorates taxes for highway acquisitions.

Billing Department Accepts ordinances from municipalities regarding special assessments. Maintains records of all parcels being split or combined.

Real Estate

Issues all revised bills. Responds to taxpayers questions regarding revised tax bills, split bills and special assessments.

Processes refunds due to reductions granted by the board of revision, board of tax appeals, appraisal department, and courts. If you have any questions regarding the parcel you are searching, please feel free to contact our office Skip to Main Content. Sign In.