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Hans Simonson of Bismarck, N. In , Sears adopted the trademark Allstate for initial use on automobile tires and tubes.

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The tires-guaranteed for 12, miles-quickly became big sellers in the catalog and at the new Sears, Roebuck and Co. Sears Chairman General Robert E. Wood credited the Allstate tire with making an important contribution to the success of Sears' retail store program. Sears formed the Allstate Insurance Company on April 17, Allstate offered low rates, available to customers through direct-mail sales Sears catalogs and through sales booths in Sears stores.

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With engines that could crank out 10 horsepower, and in later years 14 horsepower, it could run at "any speed up to 25 miles an hour," the ads said. He's never managed to get it up to 25, he said. While its engineering wasn't sophisticated it was built from good high-quality parts, he said, like the Timken roller-bearings touted in its ads.

So-called high-wheel cars like the Motor Buggy were hardly cutting edge, even at the time. To modern eyes, they almost don't look like cars, but they offered a familiar carriage-like appearance that appealed to people who were nervous about this new world of automobiles.

When Sears Sold Vehicles: Remembering the Allstate

Plus those tall wheels that could bounce over ruts and carve through deep mud. There were lots of car manufacturers in America at the time, many of which turned out a few thousand cars before going under or getting bought out by other automakers, said Stanley Sipko, curator of the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum in Hershey, Penn.

Sears wasn't even the only automaker to sell cars by direct mail, but it was a pioneer. The Metz Company of Waltham, Massachusetts, later sold its cars on a pretty unusual installment plan. Between and , Sears sold more than 70, of these DIY houses in more than styles.

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You Got That At Sears? June 18, Sears filed for bankruptcy late in , bringing an eventual end to a retail and catalog juggernaut that lasted for well over a century. Optometry Kits Decades before every mall often anchored by a Sears featured a chain optician service, Americans had to seek out their eyeglasses from expensive eye doctors…or wait until a traveling optician knocked on their door.


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