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Central Express, Inc. R-M Indus. Here, defendants' challenge to the court's ruling mainly concerns the legal sufficiency of the complaint. In re Thompson, N. Polyzen, Inc. Anderson, N. Vernon, N. Stephenson, N.


Defendants contend that John Bishop had until 22 July —thirty days after the Fourth Circuit order—to refile his state claims to avoid the statute of limitations, and that by filing on 18 November , his claims were barred. Defendants' argument relies on the initial 22 August order dismissing John Bishop's state law claims, which order was affirmed by the Fourth Circuit on 22 June However, John Bishop's state law claims were dismissed without prejudice and, in the 29 September order, the federal court resolved the issue regarding the status of John Bishop's state law claims by addressing them as well as those of Donna Bishop:.

The same reasoning bars any such claim by Mr.

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Bishop against Holland and Lau in their individual capacities. Pursuant to the express terms of this order, some, if not all, of John Bishop's state law claims survived in the federal court proceedings at least until the entry of the federal court's 29 September order. Therefore, at a minimum, John Bishop had thirty days to refile in state court, which deadline he met on 29 October by filing an application for extension of time. Accordingly, his claims were not barred by the statute of limitations.

Here, defendants contend that because defendants Macon County and the Macon County Sheriff's Department were dismissed as parties in the federal lawsuit, res judicata barred any claims against them in this lawsuit. Defendants' argument is supported almost entirely by federal district court cases, none of which are from North Carolina or even the Fourth Circuit, and one North Carolina state case which is inapplicable here. Here, the controlling 29 September order, which defendants contend bars John Bishop's state claims based on res judicata, addressed the merits of both plaintiffs' state law claims for negligence and bailment, addressed the liability of Macon County in the course of dismissing Donna Bishop's federal claims, and declined to exercise supplemental jurisdiction over all remaining state law claims.

John Bishop responded to this order by 1 appealing to the Fourth Circuit the issue of whether the federal court acted properly in addressing the merits of some of plaintiffs' state law claims once the federal claims were dismissed; 2 filing the instant state court action within the thirty-day tolling period, but then obtaining a stay pending appeal; and 3 voluntarily dismissing the claims the federal court addressed on the merits once that order was affirmed by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals on 29 June Accordingly, defendants' argument that the trial court erred in failing to impose sanctions on John Bishop based on the filing of claims barred by res judicata is overruled.

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To the contrary, a conversion claim requires wrongful possession or conversion, Variety Wholesalers, Inc. Salem Logistics Traffic Servs.

See Heaton-Sides v. Snipes, N. Lastly, defendants contend John Bishop wrongfully asserted claims seeking to hold nonsuable entities, defendants Macon County and Macon County Sheriff's Department, responsible for alleged wrongdoings of deputy sheriffs, despite precedent which holds otherwise. Riley, F. Oakley, N.

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In addition, the trial court did not err by denying defendants' motion to impose sanctions on John Bishop where the record does not contain evidence to support sanctions on the basis asserted by defendants. The dates on which the search warrants were executed vary throughout the record.

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There are 2 Courts in Macon County, North Carolina, serving a population of 34, people in an area of square miles. There is 1 Court per 17, people, and 1 Court per square miles.

In North Carolina, Macon County is ranked 36th of counties in Courts per capita, and 66th in Courts per square mile. Courts in Macon County, NC are government institutions that resolve legal disputes in accordance with local Macon County and North Carolina law and are housed in Macon County courthouses. Courts are divided into Criminal Courts and Civil Courts. In Macon County Criminal Courts, the government prosecutes a case against parties accused of breaking the law.

Fortunately, the office does offer a way to get the criminal search done without paying for it. As soon as you enter the lobby of the office, you will see computer terminals that are available for public use. These can be used to access the court docket database. If you have the name of your subject and the date of birth, you can find information on the court cases that he is involved in.

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